Terms Of Use


The terms herein stated apply without exception to all users, contractors, vendors, affiliates and other parties using any of the products, services or facilities, acquisition and retail purchase from the time of first visit to our Website and perpetually thence. Any product purchase or vendor participation would initiate agreement to comply with these terms and in extension, the Privacy Policy.

Definition of Terms

The Site Owner has the rights to define, change, add or remove to the terms and conditions and the same shall retroactively bind all users or vendors. Purchase or usage of the Website including viewing, is considered being done in compliance to the terms on the part of the user or vendor. Termination or suspension of service will not exempt Users from adhering to the restrictions of reselling or distribution of the products purchased during their active span of usage.

Conditions of Purchase

Every purchase is considered a onetime payment for the usage of a single product within the usage limits. The purchase is a non-commercial, non-exclusive sale to access the product as shown and described on the product page or shop pages. The product, is supporting material for higher education in the form of exam banks and not a text book. Posting our product download links on public or private platforms online is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent banning of users linked to said downloads and may lead up to legal persecution.

Material Ownership and Usage

The Site Owner of www.testbanks22.com (Owner, Website, Service Provider, Management and Seller) is defined as the sole owner of the website. The User (Customer, Buyer, Student) shall avail nonexclusive rights of usage only by paying the stated or discounted cost for every individual product, upon the payment release from the payment provider to the Site Owner. We do not endorse any academic institution or publisher.

All materials, logos, motifs, design, content, coding, concepts and templates are the property of the Site Owner and shall not be infringed upon by any third party. Any occurrence of the above would result in immediate suspension of service with no liability to the Site Owner on the delivery of any product ordered or purchased thence with.

Buyer Usage Regulations

All buyers are expected to purchase the products for non-commercial personal use only. Any manner of reselling, distribution, replication, or display on blogs, websites, social media pages or any other electronic or print media is considered a violation of the terms of usage pursuant to which, penalties shall be sought according to the severity of the breach through legal means.

Students and educators using our products are requested to adhere to the academic honesty and other policies or regulations of their corresponding institutions, on their own concurrence. All Users are expected to abide by the privacy policy as well in terms of age and legal restrictions. The purchase is considered invalid in case of any discrepancies to the above, and other circumstances as guided by any court of law.

Promotions, Offers and Discounts

The occasional, individual or rebate coupons, discounts, offers and credits displayed or provided by the Website are stipulated to the terms stated and the description the offer. The removal or expiry of the any offers and coupons are subject to change without prior notice and hence can be used only on an as-available basis. Restrictions on the numbers of benefactors for such offers are provided on a first come first serve basis and no proviso can be made for reserving or extending the same for any user.

Notifications of discount codes and coupons are only sent via E-mail newsletters or can be obtained from a live agent via our chat support. We do not have any affiliates or partners to promote or generate coupons and the Website is not liable for the validity of any coupon acquired from external sources or losses arising while acquiring or using the same.

Downloads and Limits

Users are allowed unlimited downloads for a span of 6 months from the date of purchase. Renewal or extension on the expiry date can be considered on a case-to-case basis up to a maximum of one occurrence per purchase if approved by a manager or an equivalent authority on the part of the Website.

Disputes, Complaints and Compliance

The materials sold herein are non-returnable digital downloads and purchase errors shall be handled on a case-to-case basis. Internal disputes or refund requests are requested to be posted by email or chat support and a waiting time of a minimum of 48 hours is required to resolve the same. Any dispute filed with payment providers including banks shall immediately render the download link invalid until the removal of the dispute. The time of external dispute resolution is per the regulations of the payment provider.


Any disputes pertaining to issues raised within the above terms abiding shall be dealt with based on the respective courts of law per the filing and ensuing of the second party of the dispute.